finally, graduated!

Finally! I’ve graduated now… Title of “Bachelor of Science in Economics” is already mine! I’ve been waiting for this moment since 3.5years ago, and yeaaahhh its so relieve :’)

Happy but sad, I have to leave my university’ life now, and continue my very long road to success… I’ve decided to continue my study, because I know ‘knowledge’ is the best thing to pursue the future… Pendidikan adalah harta paling berharga, even when I have no money at all.

I thanks God for everything that I already have now. I thanks my family, especially mom and dad for their support, love, patience, and of course ‘financial thingy’. I thanks my best friends, Hanni, Uni Ridha, Mba Pika for the friendship, knowledge that we’ve shared, love, laugh, support, everything! Thanks for always be there whenever I need you all :* I thanks all of my friends that I cannot mentioned one by one. I thanks all of lectures for the guidance, they best knowledge, and support. And also big thanks for my University itself, thanks for everything…

I’m gonna miss my university’ life someday. Because in the university, I entered a new stage of my life. Suffered a lot because of the assignmentSSS, academic thingy, internship, and also the THESIS! But yeaaahhh, it was kinda fun to meet many people from different background, Indonesian, Somalian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Mozambique, and many more! The university’ life is very very awesome!

“We joke, we laugh. We fought, we shed tears. All this love and hate creates a bond between each of us. Nvr regret meeting all of u and in fact the only regret that I have was how short the time span of 3 years flew by. There’s no need for good byes cause in the future we will definitely meet again. So long as we remember where we come from. Bloody President University that’s where we cross into each other’s path.” -Quote by Yudhi T, Marketing 2008

Congratulation all of PresUnivers 🙂


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