By My Side

I just wanna hold you
I just wanna kiss you
I just wanna love you all my life
I normally wouldn’t say this but I just can’t contain it
I want you here forever right here by my side

All the fears you feel inside
And all the tears you’ve cried
They’re ending right here
I’ll heal your hardened soul
I’ll keep you oh so close
Don’t worry; I’ll never let you go
You’re all I need
You’re everything




eb, when everything goes wrong and no one to trust to, we have to fight, to stay, and to love…

no matter what, we have to keep believing that this happiness belongs to us, dont ever let anyone take it away from our hands.
this hand, hold it tight. feel the warmth. feel the love. keep it.
eb, promise me one thing, whatever happen next, you’ll stay and say “I’m here, everything gonna be okay”


with love,

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