me and him (part 1)

so, me and my beloved boyfriend have a very unique way to date. since we both love food so much, we decide to cook the food by our self. it such a good way for us to make a positive relationship.

basically, i cannot cook. when i cook, no one eat. hahaha. so sad, rite? i can make a cake since im a cake junky, but food?? nope! my boyfriend is the one who always say that “i can cook”, and yes he can cook. today, i went to his home, and like every single days before that i’ve spent in his home, we cook together, both of us, with love.

why so serious, dear? :p
the food! taste good! :9

foyla! it tastes good!!! i was so amazed by his ability to cook… yeah, i’ve to learned a lot from him. love you, eb! and your food also :p

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